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Travel Insurance

Do I need it?

Many travelers have the attitude that “it will never happen to us” and choose not to spend the extra money on insurance for the unlikely event something will go wrong.

We feel it is important to safeguard yourself and your investment by purchasing travel insurance. After all, can any of us afford to throw away the investment we make each time we pay for a vacation?

However, you are in charge here. We are only offering travel advice. Travel insurance is just like other forms of insurance. You don’t need it till you really need it.

Sometimes, purchasing travel insurance is a no-brainer because you want to cover easy-to-foresee issues. Sometimes, though, trouble pops up in ways you’d least expect. The ins and outs of purchasing travel insurance can be confusing at times.

What does travel insurance cover and maybe a larger question is what doesn’t it cover.

Some common coverage areas or lack of coverage areas include: trip interruption, cancellation, delay/missed connection, baggage delay/loss, emergency evacuation/repatriation, job loss, acts of terrorism.

You may be able to purchase “all of the above for whatever reason” coverage or pick and choose “ala carte”. Again, you are in charge here.

We are here to answer your questions regarding travel insurance. It is much easier to plan and ask now than to try and get help in an emergency when you are far from home.

Be wise, Be Insured.

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